Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic SECCT team will be following all health and safety precautions, working remotely and our office is temporarily closed until further notice. Nevertheless, you can reach us either anytime per Email  or with telephone during working hours. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Please keep yourself and others SAFE!


Chambers of commerce are an essential and credible intermediary between government, business and the general public.  Today chambers exist in almost every country and offer a multitude of programmes and services to support trade and development.

The Society of Ethiopian Canadian Chamber of Trade (SECCT) offers the following services.

Marketing and Business Services

Marketing and business services are provided to ensure a better understanding and a deeper knowledge of the Canadian and the Ethiopian markets. Our assistance aims at finding foreign partners, providing valuable contacts and thorough information on business and trade related issues.

Our Marketing and Business Services include:

  • Information on custom rules and regulations
  • Lists of business contacts
  • Identification of business partners, agents and distributors
  • Company business profiles and reports
  • Secondary Market research and reports
  • Consulting services and assistance in establishing a business in Canada and in Ethiopia
  • Interpretation/Translation services

Business Events and Delegations

SECCT offers both Canadian and Ethiopian enterprises the opportunity to join trade events and business delegations, as an active and more efficient way to promote their products and services in both countries.

Companies interested in conducting business in Canada and in Ethiopia, are provided continued assistance while exploring business opportunities in both countries.

Our Business Event and Delegations services include:

  • Organization of economic and trade missions in Canada and in Ethiopia
  • One on one meetings
  • Meeting arrangements for business partners
  • Participation in trade fairs both in Canada and in Ethiopia
  • Promotion of Ethiopian products and services during our SECCT events
     and on our Website
  • Organizing workshops on investment opportunities
  • Promotion of cultural events
  • Presentations and conferences on business related issues, products and services